Technological Justification

Technological Justification2019-05-09T00:01:42+02:00

Simultaneous construction of multiple facilities with the StiroDom system has immense advantages over the classical construction.
With closed financial construction, construction takes two times shorter than classic or any other construction, with less workforce engagement and better end result.
This is very important in code commercial residences, construction of hotels, apartments or entire settlements.

Construction speed

With one move you have done two things, constructed + insulated, ie no expense for the subsequent installation of thermal insulation.
No problem with whether the indoor plastering team will come in 7 or 27 days, no drying of 3 weeks plaster, long-lasting moisture, no drip plaster bags
around the construction site, or at the end of that, it costs a couple of hundred thousand dollars for rubbish collection on a residential building, which shortens the term of completion and reduces the input costs per m2 for the investor.

Lower labor cost

One floor can be built with 3-4 people in 1 day, with the concrete pouring in the afternoon hours.
The day can already be accessed by making a ceiling blanket.

Heavy and expensive machines and equipment unnecessary

You need a simple smaller masonry team and a basic tool.

Very short lead time for instructions

For a builder and anyone who understands basic math, one day will be enough to understand all the ‘secrets’.
For someone who is not clear after a few hours of explanation, warm and friendly we recommend to change his profession.

Almost no chance of severely injuring the site

Because of its low weight, StiroDom elements slow down working fatigue and, of course, reduce the possibility of mistakes on the building site often lead to concentration, which is the cause of serious injuries, ie, this has increased the efficiency of work.

Energy Saving

The StiroDom energy efficient technology system reduces the energy cost by 50-90%.
With the ModulBlock elements combined with the ModulMonta elements and the external stacking of the appropriate quality, you will build a low power or passive object.
In this case, you need to install less heating and cooling capacities
cheaper construction per m2.

Structural strength of the building

Armored concrete (AB) construction combined with insulating elements makes the building very resistant to earthquake, depending on static budget.

Trading companies or crafts dealing with designing, building or investment in housing construction and the like, have the status of a large customer and we invite you to business Cooperation.