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Become a StiroDom partner

As a designer or architect, you can offer your customers innovative technologies, the most energy efficient construction system.

Building Contractor, working with this system, can take over and finish a job with fewer workers in a shorter time, at a lower cost and greater satisfaction of your client.

Building Materials Trader, expand the offer of goods to a low-cost product that meets the latest energy requirements, and is the first letter of the alphabet of low energy and passive construction, without being exposed to the monopolistic behavior of conventional construction materials manufacturers.

Investor in construction, can build your objects quickly, with minimal investment and expense. By using our construction product, you will save on the net squares of space you plan to offer on the market and on average reduce the input price of the m2 … otherwise, you will offer a more quality building. By reducing the deadline for building and selling real estate to the market in the shorter period than constructed by conventional means, in case the investment is burdened by bank lending, you will reduce the repayment period and save on interest payments.

A person who wants to build alone, with our helpers and technical help, will be able to build your home without the hassle.