ModulMonta of EPS Styrofoam or Neopore replacing the construction coating for the production of reinforced concrete interiors – ceilings and roof constructions with exceptionally high performances of sound and heat.

ModulMonta is produced in standard dimensions of 100 x 100 cm and 50 x 100 cm and customized to the desired size and choice, or according to calculations and projects within the range of up to 10 meters.
Along with the elements, Z is galvanized metal reinforcements, which are necessary for proper installation of the product on the given range and also serve as a substructure for the installation of lowered ceilings, thus achieving a fire resistance of REI 60, REI 90 to REI 120, which is an ideal solution for adaptations as well as for new buildings of energy-efficient facilities, that is all depends on the chosen technology system.
ModulMonta AB interlocking constructions combined with ModulBlock AB wall constructions is the supreme static compound AB of two constructions and thermal insulation, which also avoids the avoidance of thermal bridges during summer heat and cold bridges during cold winter.

Technical sheets

ModulMonta – Technical instruction EPS 100 F035
ModulMonta – Technical instruction Neopor EPS F PLUS