The ModulBlock system is an innovative and intelligent constructional technology solution that combines the performance of reinforced concrete with high thermal insulation ICF (Insulating concrete form) from EPS Siropor or Neopore raw materials for energy-efficient building construction as well as pool construction.

ModulBlock elements are made of two 100 x 30 cm insulating panels, parallel to innovative steel – plastic spacers made of special materials that determine the thickness of reinforced concrete wall or concrete core in standard thicknesses of 16, 20, 25 and 30 cm or on request Measure if necessary.

Concrete core The ModulBlock system has two options for setting the construction armature by the AB armature network reinforcement system as in the traditional system, which gives the advantage of adapting to existing static elaborations or vertical and horizontal bonding to “ribbed bars”, ie the choice of investor or designer, which guarantees high resistance to earthquake forces. Stiroporous masonry blocks are set to ‘dry’, and after the reinforcement is installed, the insulation of the insulation is filled with pumped concrete.

The inner insulating panel has a thickness of 6 cm with the possibility of ordering pre-installed substructure, ie the supports used for the installation of gypsum board (Rigips, Knauf) by direct hanging or other various moldings and the outer insulation panel may be 6, 10, 12, 20 and 25 cm, or tailor-made, if necessary, which guarantees high energy efficiency for the construction of low energy and passive buildings.

ModulBlock wall surfaces are resistant to direct exposure to fire and fall into ‘B1E Eurorazred’ flammability (flammable – self-inflammable), ie constructed objects achieve fire resistance REI 60, REI 90 and REI 120 which ultimately depends on the selected system.

The walls in the ModulBlock system significantly reduce the noise and create a quiet atmosphere inside the building, and the biggest barrier to the sound wave is the concrete mass combined with the insulation and as such achieves 45.1 dB, which is not the case with classical building systems.
The insulating layer inside and from the outside
the first layer of sound amortization and the special spacers of the ModulBlock elements are made of special raw materials of the bonding material that prevents sound waves from the outer insulating layer to the inside and vice versa, because they are spacers of a variety of raw materials and interrupt the sound bridge. ModulBlock Technology Builds Double Sound Isolated residential area compared to the classic construction systems.

Surfaces are handled in the area by a balancer and the like, gypsum boards or some other coatings, which allows a much better indoor climate than conventional plaster walls.
The ModulBlock system is vapor-proof and as such creates a pleasant micro-climate inside the space in which it is located

ModulBlock always takes precedence over any other traditional system, when contemporaneously taking into account the achievement of the same thermal value coefficient of classical building walls, ie, on the total surface you can get another room for a storage or a bathroom, or about 8% to 9% more residential space.

The specialty of the ModulBlock system is the speed of construction, lower price of the construction site itself and equipment, high durability for earthquake forces and energy efficient.

Technical sheets

Technical instruction EPS 100 F035
Technical instruction EPS 150
Technical instruction Neopor EPS F PLUS